The New Moon is the perfect time to initiate new projects, start a new business, with the goal of growth and prosperity. It is therefore time to ask powerful intentions such as writing greetings or filling the check of abundance … which finally are the clear and symbolic demands you make to the universe.

I propose you to do this little exercise which, I wish it, will bring you the abundance that you wish by writing the check of abundance.

When you fill the check for abundance, there is nothing magical about it, but you place the powerful intention of attracting in your life the abundance that you desire. You emit by your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, and your actions a vibration that is a powerful intention, and you resonantly attract what vibrates on the same frequency. This is the principle of the law of attraction and quantum physics.
When and how to write a check of plenty?
The purpose of the abundance check is to create more abundance in our lives. It is written at the time of the new moon and in the next 24 hours.

You will see an increase in abundance in one or more facets of your life when you use it.

Be careful: it will not necessarily be a financial abundance, but an abundance in one or more aspects of your life where you need it!

You can use one of your checks, taken from your checkbook if you have one.

Or you can draw one and fill it as a real one, or use one of the models presented in this article.

Instructions for writing a check of plenty
Listen to your intuition, and do what resonates most with you and with your inner beliefs

You can write on your check: the date, your name and the amount you want to receive , in the currency of your choice, if you want money, or write a value you want to buy (trust, peace, joy … ).

Keep your check in a place where you can see it every day.

And every time you see your check, feel as if you have already received this abundance, and feel gratitude because you can now be, do or have what you want , that is the very principle of the law attraction.

Some will tell you to hide your check and forget it, and that’s where you have to listen to your intuition. For my part I prefer to have it in front of me ….

Make a habit of writing a check for each new moon.

You will see, it will work, on the simple condition of accepting that it is possible.

When you fill out a new check, you can discard or burn the old check.

You can also keep a check for as long as you want, for example until you get what you want.

The checks below to download, are proposed by Rhonda Byrne, the author of the book “The Secret” , on his website The Secret

Try the abundance check and discover the results!

To go further, discover the Oracle of Krystal vibratory cards of the Law of Attraction that help you free yourself from negative limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want, and that help you to increase your vibration, to you center and attract abundance into your life.

You can, for example during the new moon, keep on you (or put well in sight) one or cards like that of the Prosperity , or that of the Success , or that of the Joy , the Happiness , or the Health … to soak up the energy of these cards, which will strengthen your demand. Krystal’s Oracle

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