When and how to fill your check of plenty?

Did you know that you can write “New Moon Abundance Checks” to increase abundance in any area of ??your life? But first I suggest you discover what a check of plenty and how to fill it correctly.

What is a check of plenty?
Abundance checks are mainly used to attract more money. However, abundance in itself is not just money. This can be manifested in many ways, such as gifts, compliments, a fantastic job offer, a new friend, a free lunch, a vacation, free advice from a colleague, etc. That means you can write a check of plenty to attract everything you want, including perfect health, general well-being and a great partner. It is simply a tool that can help you improve any area of ??your life. But how does it work?

Often, when we think about what we want, we also think about the lack of what we want. This lack releases a very strong energy, which will vibrate attracting us this lack. This is what is called the law of attraction. Just remember that when working with abundance checks, be sure to focus on the positive things you would like to have. Thus, by focusing on the positive, you increase your vibration and allow the event. This means that it is important that you do not spend any time measuring, taking notes or worrying about the event, but rather trusting the process and dropping all resistant thinking. The things we would really like are often the things we have the most resistance to. Writing an abundance check is a way to focus on what you want, then let go and allow the Universe to bring it to you!

When to fill your check of abundance?
We all know that the cycle of the moon is responsible for our tides, so we can easily understand that the moon has a magnetism and a pulling force. In addition, farmers from different cultures are well aware of this powerful energy and follow the moon cycle very closely when choosing the best time for planting crops and crops. The moon represents the nourishing, feminine and emotional aspects of our lives. The different phases of the moon radiate a different force of energy. During the new moon, it is a renewal energy that is set up. We’ll erase everything and start again. That’s why the best time to set your intentions is in the 24 hours after the new moon. Working with the energy of the moon can be very simple, but very effective.

How to fill your check of abundance?
I’ve created a template for your abundance check so you can download it. Before filling it out,   remember that your positive mood / emotion is a manifestation in itself, and a first sign that everything you want is on your way. Have fun and live before following the instructions!

Print your abundance check (you can also use one of your checks if you prefer). No matter what choice you make, they can both serve to bring you plenty.
Write your “first and last name” in the Paid to order field.
In the box amount in figures and amount in words , you have several possibilities:
You put a specific amount that you would need to be fair (an invoice to pay, a car change …), without being too greedy. Just be playful. You do not need to enter an astronomical amount if you do not want it, but you can start with small amounts (a few hundred euros for example). It’s about practicing and feeling comfortable when writing abundance checks. Entering an exact amount, however, will allow you to be more focused and facilitate your intention in this ritual.
If you have inner resistance, it is always better to exclude a specific amount and to go more generally. Many of us have subconscious beliefs that we are not worthy and do not deserve what we want. This is why it may be wise to simply write in the letters field “Positive Abundance in All”, and in the box amount in figures  “to be paid in full”. Thus, the notion of positive abundance will allow you to find yourself in a virtuous cycle and will prove your confidence in the Universe to bring you what you need.
In the signature space , you can put the words ”  The law of the positive abundance of the Universe”.
In the date box , you can enter either a specific date (a financial deadline for example) or put the notion “here and now” so that your check is not expired.
Now keep your check in a secure area. You could put it in your wallet or in a place where you can see your abundance check every day. Seeing it daily is probably the most powerful way because it would work as an affirmation. Just believe and feel that you have plenty right now!
After writing your abundance check, it’s time to relax your body and mind, and focus on your desire. The request is sent to the Universe, and now is the time to allow the Universe to do the rest. Stop worrying about how and when it will happen. Forget the control and focus on other things that make you feel good.
If you have put a due date on your check, once that date has passed, you can burn it and put the ashes back to the ground, so that energy goes back into the big energy cycle. And then you can start another check at the new moon.
And now, you just have to ask and make your check on the next new moon! I hope this article will bring you, believe in the Universe and in the force of attraction, it will bring you a lot!

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